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Hey! My name is Marisa and traveling has always brought me such joy. I have always loved looking back on all the different places I've gone and look forward to the places I want to go to, and now I can be here for all of your big moments and adventures through life! I travel all over the US and hopefully in the near future (thanks COVID) world wide! I'm here to help you tell your story with pictures of when you got married, when you had your first/second/19th child, when you and your fur-baby go to that one hot-dog stand around the corner and they serve pup-cones...yea that one!

So let me begin by asking you this...what next big adventure in your life do you want to remember the rest of your life?


Mama Hardamon

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"Marisa is absolutely amazing! She made my maternity photo shoot so seamless and fun! I would recommend her highly for all your photo needs! Her kind and warm spirits are exactly what you want and her skills are amazing! Can’t wait to come back to Ohio and have many more photo sessions!"

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"Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world."

—Bruno Barbey